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Winter Solstice Blessing: 2019

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Photo Credit: The Navaho-Hopi Observer

The shortest day, the longest night.

The ancients observed this time during which the sun seems to stop; a pause that allowed for deep introspection and she prepares for a quickening that will, once again, take the world out of darkness.

For many years we have observed this night with friends and family as a respite from the demands of holidays focusing on the spiritual forces this time of year brings to mind.  In prayer and meditation, we came together to release the pain and confusion of the past and envisioned a whole, loving, and peaceful world. Many of you who are reading this have joined with us, and those who have not are welcomed to count yourselves included as friends and family to join with me today, in this moment.

It’s not often that modern people make time for the reverence our Mother Earth and the Cosmos deserve.  Many sacred and religious traditions call us to be caretakers of this beautiful life we have been given, the true and most gracious gift of all.

I invite you to join me in creating a space to look deeply within, and create a pause from our own frantic lives, just as the sun seems to stop in its path.

I invite you to envision the best of our own human gifts encircling the earth, and moving out into space:  love, respect, appreciation, compassion, family, friends, the natural world and its many residents, those who help, and our own abilities to help those in need.

If we can step back for just one moment we see how blessed we are,  and in the coming year we become more easily able to create the vision we see.


Earth Preservation: Oblivious to the obvious?

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Screen Shot 2019-09-09 at 7.45.20 AM“The target for new forestation is approximately 22 million trees per year. Over the next 20 years, the target is to plant 440 million…” –Department of Communications Climate Action and Environment, Ireland

It’s easy to get mentally sucked into the deep hole our current administration is digging for our planet.  We currently have the federal government arguing with California over the limits we have wisely place over fuel emissions.  They are too strict!.  Ponder that.

We know the thinking here: gas infrastructure over life.  Status quo over our future quality of life.  Our national thinking reminds me of the worms that crawl out of the flooding garden onto a cement path in downtown New York City.  It’s hard to make cogent decisions when your eyes only go in one direction.

I am over 60, so I have observed many people throughout my life struggle with the obvious, only to find out eventually that they were misguided.  It seems that we humans are not much better than worms as we  hold onto the current logic, defying science and facts, particularly when money is involved.

So you can imagine how encouraged I was to see that Ireland is taking a bold step  to reforest its country, even as our man in the White House seeks to open our Tongass National Forest to “potential logging, energy and mining projects,” according to the Washington Post.

The data about an impending climate crises is clear, I believe.  When the Amazon burns, we all suffer.  It’s not hard to see, unless you happen to live on Pennsylvania Avenue, I suppose.

I wish we could stand as a principled world leader for the rest of the world.  We have always identified as such. I know that many fear the outcome of our abandonment of that role.

I choose to believe that our status in the world as a leader is less important that the totality of efforts around the world.  Maybe it’s time to step aside and let other countries demonstrate new kinds of leadership while we struggle in the American abyss.

Thank you, Ireland, the Prime Minister of New Zealand, and those South American countries that are binding together to counter the damage of burning the Amazon.

It seems obvious to me that we are one planet.  We need to look for leadership beyond our own borders, especially when our  leader and the people who are silently following him are oblivious to the obvious.

Climate change: Beyond the moon…

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“When we decided to go to the moon, we solved innumerable technical challenges and we were proud of doing it. We did that together and we need to do it again.”–Dr. Lucy Jones

Lucy Jones was a curious kid, growing up in a family that respected knowledge and loved music.  She was my friend’s kid sister, a little blond bundle of energy.  Today, Dr. Lucy Jones is a Research Associate at the Seismological Laboratory of Caltech, a post she has held since 1984. Whenever California rumbles, “Dr. Lucy” is in the media to analyze the situation. She is a calm, comforting voice in what might be a catastrophic seismic event, and has been for  decades.

Her goal is to  “communicate where the greatest vulnerabilities lie and what actions can be taken to reduce the risks that are the most cost-effective..” according to her biography.

Today she explains our rising climatic conditions on earth:

“The speed with which we are changing the climate is unprecedented. The world is already warmer by almost 2°F.  Everywhere on Earth, ecosystems are experiencing a different climate than that in which they evolved. Within the lifetime of children now born, with no action, the climate could be 5-10 °F warmer.”

She goes on to describe what we are to see as this takes place:

  • More disasters.
  • More wildfires.
  • Food shortages.
  • Water availability crises.
  • Climate refugees.

These changes, Dr. Jones explains, will require “social disruption”,  according to Dr. Jones, far beyond the choice of car or reusable grocery bags.  We can solve this problem, not by avoidance or denial, entreats Dr. Jones, but by the same American ingenuity that took us to the moon and beyond:

“Dealing with climate change means technological innovation to create a better world. It can be done. Solar energy is already much cheaper than it was a decade ago. When we decided to go to the moon, we solved innumerable technical challenges and we were proud of doing it. We did that together and we need to do it again.”

Some are stepping up to support what will need to be a sea change.    Musicians and philanthropists like Leonardo DiCaprio and Rocker David Gilmour, a member of Pink Floyd, are donating millions and creating foundations to support new technologies.

What can we common citizens do?  First of all, accept our situation.

Then, elect people who will fight for our world, not their pocketbooks.

The time is now.

To see Dr. Jones’s full post on Climate Change go to http://drlucyjones.com/the-music-of-climate-change/?fbclid=IwAR2weHOGcdf_mr-xMKgTuOD5Qfbmi6Tnb48S_BTw-Bnwa1Dd9DlrTDBYVlU



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